About Us


Peaceful, socio-economically empowered and resilient society with ensured fundamental rights


Promote self resilience of communities by organizing and mobilizing them; and contributing in sustainable development through integrated, inclusive, environment friendly approach


1) Provision of WASH facilities to most disadvantaged communities in its operational areas for improving their current health status along with health and hygiene education.

2) Improve nutritional status of pregnant, neonatal, children and lactating women in the most marginalized and excluded areas of Sindh with special focus on the critical first 1000 days from a woman's pregnancy to that child's second birthday.

3) Assist communities to wrestle with natural calamities being resilient to climate change and emergencies in order to bail out from intricacies of emergency.

4) Render world class education incorporated with latest handy tools with ICT in all FRDP's schools for reaching poorest of poor for developing their future all-encompassing character building and morality

5) Strengthen Livelihood means and ways of communities to reduce their rooted poverty for their development and make them socio- economical self persistent and dependent.

6) Promote human rights especially those of children, women, laborers, PWDs and indigenous communities for their social, political and economic empowerment.

Core Values

1) Commitment and Dedication for humanitarian cause

2) Respect and dignity for all

3) Do 'No Harm'

4) Honesty & Transparency

5) Inclusiveness

6) Gender & Cultural Sensitivity

7) Equality and Equity