Livelihoods & Food Security

FRDP has been progressive commendable in rendering quality services for the people in regards to issues arisen from the communities wherein FRDP Exists. FRDP since its inception has been working on livelihood means of communities in order to make them self-reliant and self-dependent so that they could exercise and enjoy their rights of being equal humans. Community needs instant livelihood support in the calamity hit areas of FRDP's operation areas as the remain poverty stricken and their livelihood source damage when emergency phase arise both the districts are disaster prone and get victimized in times of emergency. FRDP strives hard to find more of ways to meet the needs of poor in the districts so that they could be socio-economically strengthened.

FRDP's Achievements Livelihood & food Security sector

800 families benefited in districts Khairpur Mirs and Jacobabad regarding livelihood sector by FRDP with the generous support of our partners.