FRDP believes that without reasonable investment and interest in the sector of nutrition, the SDGs could not be achieved since most of the SDGs are significantly relevant to nutrition. It would be a great injustice with children whose whole health, intellectualism and future are taken away even before they enter into their starting phase of life. If jointly and rightly taken very small measures for mother and child, we can make a good and positive difference in promoting the nutrition in our nation. These steps can be raising awareness among mothers focusing upon diverse diet, hygiene practices, breast feeding and giving some supplements to woman during pregnancy and then to her baby after birth. By taking such small steps we can guarantee for a healthier, brighter and productive future of our nation.

FRDP's achievements in Nutrition Sector

FRDP approached more than 8000 households (almost 65000 individuals) in Jacobabad and Tharparkar districts by undertaking nutrition related interventions like mocking, referring the mother and children with under nutrition, wasting and stunting etc. to the nutrition clinics; and providing them energy supplements and other necessary foods along with raising awareness on breast feeding, diverse dieting, vaccination and nutrition. UNICEF, Penny Appeal, Save the Children and Oxfam were the collaborating partners. We continue to focus on ensuring good nutrition in the first 1,000 days to prevent the irreversible effects of stunting.