Ongoing Projects

Project Title: SEF Middle and High Schools' Program
Project Location: District Jacobabad
Project Beneficries: 2200 children of different villages are benefited in terms of getting free education and books
Start Date: 2016-06-01
Donor / Funding Agency: Sindh Education Foundation (Government of Sindh)
Project Description: FRDP achieved another milestone for the poor and marginalized people of district Jacobabad in terms of providing basic (Primary and Middle Education) to their children meeting the national and international standard of education. More than 2200 (students of Primary & Middle classes) are being taught free of any cost from different villages.
Project Title: School Improvement and Academic Strengthening Plan for Government Primary School
Project Location: Jaccobabad
Project Beneficries: 1343
Start Date: 2017-03-23
Donor / Funding Agency: Penny Appeal Pakistan
Project Description: FRDP is implementing the project “School Improvement Plan (SIP) and School Academic Strengthening Plan (SASP) for Government primary School” in Government primary school police line head quarter, UC 7, Jaffarabad district Jacobaabad. The overall objective of the project to provide basic school facilities and provision of technologies to enhance teaching and learning experiences of teachers and students. Through this implementation 1302 students and 41 teachers have improved facilities in school and enjoyed their learning. The major impact of this project is to increase the enrollment and overcoming dropout ratio of students. A newly created environment through repair, rehabilitation of school and visual learning developed the more interest of students towards learning.
Project Title: Shifting The Power Project
Project Location: Central
Project Beneficries: Organization
Start Date: 2016-07-16
Donor / Funding Agency: TearFund
Project Description: FRDP proudly works with the TearFund in terms of Capacity Strengthening plan (Shifting The Power Project). FRDP conducts various activities that include: Core Humanitarian Standard Training of the Core Staff, Review Exercise for strategic Plan and its alignment with humanitarian standards, Translation of Red Cross Code of conduct for emergencies in local language sindhi and dissemination, Registration Assistance for Certification with PCP Assistance for Subscription and Training of core team on Tally ERP 9 finance/ HR/procurement, To review and update of HR policy, Development of Advocacy and Communication Strategy, Development of Fund Raising Strategy and Donor mapping and explore new opportunities, Building staff Capacity for competitive Concept Notes/Budgeting and Proposal Writing, Develop Humanitarian Strategy, Development of Android based (RNA) Data Collection Software including Data Entry, Collection Tools and Report Generation, Capacity Building of the Staff on Developing RNA Rapid Needs assessment software Reviewing and updating existing procurement , HR and Finance Policies and Realigning them Humanitarian strategy, In cooperation of Age and disability component into Humanitarian Response Policy and Recruitment Policy The sole purpose for the above mentioned activities is to aware the team about the latest tools and equipments used in the sector and raising awareness about the code of conduct regarding in any emergency.
Project Title: Dignifying the Deserts Life through Enhancing Access to Water
Project Location: District Tharparkar, Sindh
Project Beneficries: 6000
Start Date: 2017-08-01
Donor / Funding Agency: Penny Appeal
Project Description: The main objective of this project is to water access to the community at their doorstep. FRDP with the support of PAPK is installing communal and household hand pumps in Tehsil Diplo & Islamkot. The major activities of this project are to form Village Level Committees (VLC), conduct hygiene & kitchen gardening sessions, provision of hygiene essentials, training on O&M of hand pumps, distribution of tool kits, handing and taking over hand pumps to community.
Project Title: Academia Pilot Fund Project
Project Location: University of Sindh, Jamshoro
Project Beneficries: Students of University of Sindh
Start Date: 2017-05-13
Donor / Funding Agency: Tear Fund and Action Aid
Project Description: FRDP is currently implementing “Academia Pilot Fund Project” collaborating with University of Sindh, Jamshoro. The Project is technically assisted by Tearfund and financially supported by Action Aid. Project aim is to mainstream academia through engaging their concerned departments and students to contribute in disaster management process. Objective of the project is to enhance Students’ awareness and capacities around disaster response and preparedness including based on empirical evidences guide academia, disaster management authorities and humanitarian actors to align their work according to ground realities. More than 250 students including girl students covered through this project by providing free short courses with mock drill exercises. Students were also provided a one month paid internship opportunity engaging with NGO and INGO already working on DRR. During these courses FRDP has covered more than 20 departments / Academic institutions including Sindh Rural Development Studies Center, Sociology, Social Work, International Relations, Department of English Language, Commerce, Library Science, Genetics, Software engineering, Geology, Geography, Arts and Design, Anthropology, Criminology, Political Science and Muslim History etc. More than 200 Volunteers from various departments are ready to work with FRDP during any emergency situation.