Sexual And Reproductive Health Rights (SRHR)

A strong and continued commitment to Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights (SRHR) is one of the most effective means for the Fast Rural Development Program to support the promotion of gender rights at all levels - in research, legislation, and policy development and in activities on the ground, and to ensure that women as well as men can influence, participate in and benefit from development efforts. Regarding such rights, FRDP is very much conscious and keeps people aware in all the project interventions considering sexual and reproductive health issues more essential to insure participation of al both genders and other vulnerable groups of population equally.

As the Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights are more stricken problem in Pakistan and specially in the northern parts of Sindh it is been observed that women group does not get privacy, health, sexual and reproductive rights, in which FRDP is striving to create a space for such issues and involving Villages' Women Organizations and religious leaders to promote the rights regarding SRHR. Besides, FRDP is creating strong network of such community institutions from villages to provincial levels so that problems could be highlighted, get attention of the policy makers and get resolved. FRDP is awaking targeted communities through Behavior Change Communication (BCC) campaigns and inviting policy makers, government health departments, political leaders and religious leaders to address these issues before community to get rid of it.