Child & Women Protection

Child and Women Rights Protection is designed to reduce the impact of poverty and vulnerability of the affected people through well though out plans and policies. FRDP Pakistan support the people through providing them Education about there rights..

Child Protection

Sindh Chapter Rural areas people face higher level of poverty and which can be gauged from the fact that approximately 60 Thousands, Including underage work in hazardous conditions in various factories such as carpet weaving, brick kilns, mining, construction and agriculture etc.

Women Protection

In the last few decades, various women movements have been made significant progress across the country, especially in the urban areas, but unfortunately, no major changes was observed in the lives of Rural women, as gender inequalities continue unabated in these areas due to the rationally patriarchal culture and the lack of access to education.


Child and Women Development Completed Projects

Project Title Project Location Project Beneficiaries Donors / Funding Agencies
Child Education 7 Schools Opened at Jacobabad Jacobabad 1500 Sindh Education Foundation, Government of Pakistan
Emergency Preparedness and Response, Academia Pilot Fund Project on DRR University of Sindh, Jamshoro 300 Students of University Tearfund and Action Aid



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