200 poor women receive Paani food packs in TMK

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200 poor women receive Paani food packs in TMK

200 poor women receive Paani food packs in TMK

Fast Rural Development Program (FRDP) has distributed food packs among 200 women-led households in Tando Muhammad Khan district. These women being poor deserved to have such goods at this difficult time.

Hailing from different villages, they narrated their plight. Majority of the beneficiaries belongs to agriculture farmer families, who work as sharecropper or daily wagers in fields.

Some women introduced themselves as well skilled artisans to stitch rally (made by tattered rags of clothes) for sell. But they have observed that there is no market value of these products, despite the fact artisan women work hard to stich rag by rag for many days.

These beneficiaries were among deserving people, who need to live comfortable life.

Only a small number of women belong to cobbler families, whose males have traditional work, coming through generations. Previously these cobblers used to earn enough income through a day-long work. But now they are unable to earn to ease their families, because of price increase of daily use items.

According to women, the situation seems different and nobody from the low-income families seems comfortable due to economic pressure, increasing price hike day after day.

Only a few families of their tribe (Cobbler) have changed profession and living comfortable life. Otherwise, majority of young boys faces difficulties to get work other than their traditional profession.

They vow to educate children to have alternative source of income and adapt changes required in the market in the same profession.

FRDP team had identified these extra poor families through visiting them for this small gift.

Mostly these women came with their children for help to take the food items.

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