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Leelan Mallah heaves a sigh of relief after getting a hand pump

Leelan Mallah, belonging to a fishermen family in Mallah Para, Union Council Chotiaryon, Sanghar district, heaved a sigh of relief after getting hand pumps in the locality.

She is among 150 families in the locality, who have got 8 hand pumps to have safe drinking water.

The families accredit to Fast Rural Development Program (FRDP) for installing these hand pumps on their own to benefit the community. Otherwise, these fisherwomen used to fetch water from a long distance for domestic needs.

Leelan is the mother of two kids. She, being belonging to poor fishermen community, could not imagine to receive water facility near there to make our dreams come true.

She recall the difficulties they always faced while traveling to distant water facilities for the purpose.

Leelan Mallah
Leelan Mallah

Chotiaryon village is center of Union Council, which comprises 25 small and larger villages, comprising population 46500.

Mallah Para itself comprise 150 households, which previously used to depend on fishing for livelihood from Baqar Lake. But now after degraded the water body, these people are experiencing problems in terms of losing traditional source of livelihood.

Chotiaryon Union Council covering wide area is backward in terms of basic facilities, including safe drinking water. Mostly women and children of this locality take responsibility to travel long distance for fetching water from the neighbouring areas.

Now, Leelan Mallah said “we feel secured after receiving hand pumps near our homes and get water at any time.”

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