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Thar solar powered well

Solar-powered well handing ceremony in Thar

Fast Rural Development Program (FRDP) had organized a handing over ceremony of Solar-powered well on Saturday (dated July 18, 2021) at Village Rohal in Deeplo Taluka, Tharparkar district, which besides members of Village Development Committee (VDC) and FRDP staff team, also attracted community members, both male and female.

The Solar-powered well was donated by Paani (USA Charity organization). Around 200 households of the village have got benefit of the facility. The women narrated plight that how they are vulnerable due to contamination of water they use through old wells.

After the ceremony a group of women in village were seen coming one after another to stands around a newly installed solar- powered well to fill earthen jars and utensils for domestic needs.

The people not only take water for their domestic use but it may benefit to animals in the village.

The village, situated at sand dunes, where the community people, mainly women and children used to fetch water from distant wells, which now have turned in to polluted water, not useable and people faced water borne diseases.

Thar solar powered well
Thar solar powered well

Ms. Daya Golani, a community vocal woman, expressed the hope, saying that at least this safe drinking water will be helpful to avoid health problems.

It was observed that the community people, both male and female showed their ownership to use the facility carefully and equally. The dwellers have different sources of income, mainly farming and livestock rearing, depending on rainfall.

Since the village is situated near Rann of Kuch zone, the elderly people pointed out that underground water is losing quality and people cannot use it. There are natural water ponds/reservoirs near the village, which have received rain water as usual but the people cannot use it for domestic use as well as animals because the water has become brackish.

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