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Community shares water facility amicably

Community shares water facility amicably

Elderly woman, Ms. Eidan Khaskheli wife of Dholan Khaskheli, sitting by newly installed hand pump at their courtyard in Village Jogyon near Chotiaryon town, Sanghar district, said: “it took more time to hear our cry and we have received hand pump.”

For this, she gave credit to the Fast Rural Development Program (FRDP) team to identify their locality for installing three hand pumps, which at this difficult time are beneficial for them.

Jogyon village has 70 households. Since the dwellers live together through generations, they share facilities they have got.

Before this, like other community women, Eidan also used to travel long distances to fetch water from hand pumps for domestic use.

She is aware about the changes around her, depleting soil fertility and natural grazing fields, heat waves and above all shrinking underground water status.

“We were born and grew here and witnessed all the crops standing around us with green pastures and larger herds of animals wandering there,” she said.

She recalls the old days when they used to enjoy pleasant weather, safe environment, witnessing birds and common wildlife species near their abodes.

These people were familiar with many wildlife species because they did not have any threat from the community.

“But now the entire old landscape has been changed. We could not feel how it happened which left us in a vulnerable situation, in terms of heat waves, dry weather and shrinking trees and shrubs,” she said.

Mostly the villagers are farmers, cultivating various crops through generations. They receive their share after harvesting for survival.

The community people, being residing in isolated areas, are facing ups and downs of nature and weather pattern changes, which sometimes pose a threat for them.

These people live at the gateway of Achhro Thar (White desert), which sometimes face dryness and droughts after every two-three years.

Anyway, Eidan looks happy to have a water facility near there. Now she does not travel long distances for water. She calls time most precious and uses it for hand embroidery and other needle work, besides taking care of her children and grandchildren.

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