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Water availability turns helpful for farmers to ease lives

Water availability turns helpful for farmers to ease lives

Ms. Lal Khatoon, once a peasant woman in village Jogyon near Chotiaryon town, Sanghar district, is among several community women, whose males have adapted alternative sources of income. They take care of animals on 50 percent share to earn little income.

The reason, she shares, is because they have lost soil fertility due to increasing water logging all around. Salinity has left traditional farmer families in helpless situations.

“When land turned into saline, almost all farmers have lost their traditional source of income”, she said. Now some of the families have adapted livestock rearing while others do other works for their survival.

It was difficult for her to share exact earnings on a monthly basis, because it depends on owners’ choice, who sell animals and give share to caretakers once or twice a year.

“I can guess earning around Rs5000 per month to ease our small family in this difficult time, when poverty is looming over,” she said.

“Not only land for cultivation, we have also lost water quality near our abodes. In this situation, we did not have any option other than traveling to other neighbouring areas for fetching water for domestic needs,” she said.

Village Jogyon has around 70 households, mostly farmers. Fast Rural Development Program (FRDP) has provided three hand pumps in the locality, which the community people being close relatives share equally.

Ms. Lal Khatoon, a 51 years old woman claims to have traditional skill of hand embroidery, which is another source of income to ease her family. 

She looks optimistic to have safe drinking water near their doorsteps. “When I travel long distances to fetch water twice or thrice daily it causes disturbance in my hand embroidery work,” she said. 

“Now I can save my time for this work because of water availability near there, which is helpful for me,” she said. 

“Otherwise, it is quite disturbing for the poor to survive at this moment when even a traditional source of livelihood is at stake”, she concludes. 

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