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Young children with smiling faces display solar lanterns

Young children with smiling faces display solar lanterns

Fast Rural Development Program (FRDP) has provided solar lanterns to 126 families residing in the desert village Rohal, Tharparkar district, so they may live comfortably.

The people have an old tradition to live under makeshift abodes, locally known chaunra, which the dwellers build on their own by using leafless plant khip (Leptadenia pyrotechnica), which is largely available near the villages free of cost.

These thatch huts are comfortable for the community to avoid effects of heat waves in summer as well as protecting them from biting cold in the winter and heavy rains in the monsoon seasons.

Despite many changes in terms of using costly building material in towns and cities, these desert people prefer to build roofs of their circular mud dwellings by khip.

Each household has three-four huts in the same fencing compound made by this leafless evergreen plant khip.

The village comprises around 200 families of the same tribe Menghwar, living through generations. They depend on rain-fed agriculture and livestock rearing for livelihood. Livestock is a major source of income and the families feed milk and yogurts to their children so they may grow healthy.

After recent rains, the dried sand dunes have almost attired greenery all around, presenting a pleasant look to the community and visitors.

Young children with smiling faces display solar lanterns
Young children with smiling faces display solar lanterns

During conversation with males and females in the village it was learned that they had the dire needs of drinking water and electricity (alternative energy).

FRDP through efforts provided the both facilities, water and solar lantern so they may live safe and secured in the sandy village.

While receiving small gifts of lanterns young children had displayed it with decorating smiles on their faces to acknowledge the organization for this contribution.

In the understanding of the community women available there, this gift of solar lantern is useful for them, as they do not have access to electricity.

The precious gifts in the hands of children seemed as if their old dreams had come true. Elderly women at the moment pledge to use it carefully and sustainably.

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