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Thadhri festival

50 daily wager families receive food packs on the occasion of Thadhri festival

Fast Rural Development Program (FRDP) has distributed food packs among daily wagers of Oad tribe on Friday, August 27, 2021 on the occasion of Thadhri Festival, which the community people always celebrate as per Hindu calendar.

During conversation with the beneficiaries it was learned that the people have adapted different skill and non-skill works for livelihood. But due to prolonged lockdown and restriction following Covid -19 mostly these workers stayed idle at homes without work.

Some workers live in low income neighbourhoods, selling vegetables on their pushcarts, while others collect scrap material from homes, streets and workplaces and sell the same in the evening to earn little income.

A small number of workers are associated with tailoring shops as workers and after the emerging situation due to this global pandemic Covid-19 almost all workers felt uncomfortable. They faced problems continuing the traditional work and earning little to feed their families.

Thadhri festival
Thadhri festival

These beneficiaries became victims of this longtime closure of markets and stayed idle at home without work.

They were looking happy to receive donated food packs in this difficult time to celebrate the happy occasion of Thadhri as per the religious practices.

The distribution ceremony was managed peacefully following SOPs with the care and dignity of the poor workforce. They left the area with this gift by decorating particular smiles on their faces.

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