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Community adopts an integral approach to use water

Haji Abdullah, an elderly man asked the people in village Paneli, Taluka Deeplo, to prepare little space near the solar-powered deep well to plant fruit trees.

The villagers gathered there on the occasion of the inaugural ceremony, handing over the water facility to the community so they may run it sustainably.

The sandy village has around 300 households living scattered under makeshift abodes. They are farmers and herders, living together through generations.

The community people came to taste the water quality one after another and attached the integral approach to use water for domestic needs, save it for animals and use waste water for kitchen gardening to have safe food.

Fast Rural Development Program (FRDP) team assured the community to provide fruity plants and vegetable seeds for developing kitchen garden near the newly installed water facility so they may have free of cost nutritious fruits for their children and themselves.


Abdullah said they have already been bestowed upon indigenous wild fruit trees by the nature which provide nutritious fruits in the season. But, he said whenever monsoon rains come there they enjoy more wild food items like melons, water melons, apple gourds, mushrooms and many other vegetables.

“Beehives is another gift we have in bushes, which we collect and keep it at homes for consumption and presenting gifts to friends and relatives,” he said.

Elderly women have skills to use honey and many other plants to cure different ailments, considering home remedy is better way for the desert people, who do not have easy access to health centers.

The water well is made properly, keeping in mind to build animal watering point there and using waste water purposefully for kitchen gardening, including fruit trees.

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