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FRDP marks World Cleanup Day 2021

FRDP marks World Cleanup Day 2021

A large number of students, studying in different departments at Sindh University Jamshoro, joined the World Cleanup Day-2021, observed by Fast Rural Development Program (FRDP) in collaboration with the university administration.

The students, both boys and girls, gathered at the central park of the university premises to collect polythene bags, litters and other material to keep the environment clean and gave a message to the world action groups.

The participating students and teachers were briefed about the importance of global cleanup day, which is being observed by 180 countries under the banner of a combined network titled “Let us do”.

Students present on the occasion showed their interest to adapt habits to avoid throwing garbage and litter at public places and contribute to keeping the environment safe.

The world nations have introduced a slogan “join the movement to keep clean the planet”, the action may remind participants every year on this day to play their role.

FRDP marks World Cleanup Day 2021
FRDP marks World Cleanup Day 2021
FRDP marks World Cleanup Day 2021

The FRDP team gave larger bags to the students to collect litter from the parks, which the students filed for dumping at a safe site.

This year’s theme is “We Are Smart”, the title of a popular song for the day.
Students shared their feelings during the action, saying it does not mean to just clean up your home or park, it should have a strong commitment to send a message to the global nations to play your role for the purpose, especially to avoid pollution.

It was observed that not only common people, even literate and educated people themselves seem unaware and contributing to destroying the environment by throwing litter near there, especially at public places.

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