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Heatwave Response in Hyderabad

Hyderabad district has a population of 2.2 million of which the rural population is 16.97% and urban population is 83.03%. The district is the second most urbanized in Sindh, after Karachi. There are four Tehsils however, the majority of population lives in urban setting which and makes them vulnerable to adverse impacts of heatwave due to Urban Heat Island Effect. According to local government authorities the average temperatures from start of May 2022 is in high 40 s C and is seriously impacting the people during past 24 hours a total 64 serious cases of heatwave injury have been recorded in just Hyderabad City alone. The district administration and health authorities have identified major resource gaps and a need to strengthen the capacities of heat stroke centers moreover the government has also identified need for establishing cooling stations at public places, provision of clean drinking water and initiating mass heatwave awareness campaigns in target area has also been identified.


By June 2022, FRDP with the support of Welthungerhilfe – WHH Pakistan is initiating some actions for strengthening response capacities ad countering adverse impacts of heatwave in Hyderabad. The proposed activities are aimed at strengthening response capacities of communities and health facility providers specially public health services to Heatwave. In our actions we include but not limited to strengthening and facilitating establishment of Heat Stroke Response centers by providing them equipment, Community (public) awareness raising and information campaign through different social media channels and FM Radios, provision of clean drinking water and establishment of cooling facilities, Awareness Webinar and doing some long impact awareness.

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