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Strengthening and Facilitating Establishment of Heat Stroke Response Centers

In June, 2022 FRDP identified the health facilities as per situational need. FRDP team visited seven health facilities in Hyderabad and selected 4 health facilities for the project intervention. It was mainly focused that selected hospital must have heatwave management centre to cater the heatwave cases, and require further support to strengthen their capacity to response heatwave.

Following four health facilities were selected:

  1. THQ Qasimabad, Hyderabad
  2. SG Pretabad Hospital, Hyderabad
  3. 30 Bedded hospital Tando Agha
  4. 30 Bedded hospital Bihar Colony

All Four health facilities received the provision of Solar system along with ceiling fans, battery backup, LED bulbs, water dispenser along with 30 water cans (of 19 liters) as one month water support, and three water coolers (water containers). Additionally 10 empty bottles were also provided to the health facility. This intervention provided relief to the patients including heatwave cases and will benefit general patients in future as well. As solar system provides continuous electricity supply to selected hospital areas including heatwave rooms/centre.

Solar BeFunky-collage

Following are the specifications and quantity of provision handed ver to health facilities:

Sr. No Item Name and Specifications Quantity
1 Solar Panel – 160W good quality 6
2 Stand for Solar Panel – Iron made good quality 3
3 Controller – 60Amp supported for 6 Solar Penal Smart company 1
4 Ceiling Fans – Ac/Dc Taimoor Coper wire 6
5 Battery – Gx 200F OSAKA Company (Six months Warranty) with Terminals and Iron stand and bolts good quality 1
6 LED Bulbs – 12v with one year Warranty 12
7 Water Dispenser – PEL Company 1
8 Three Water Coolers (Water container basically) 3
9 Mineral Water Cans 19 litters-Nestle Company (One month water support) 30 Bottles
10 Additional, Empty water cans/bottles 10

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