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FRDP Pakistan working with partners at the grassroots level communities and we get many requests for support, You can support the communities with gifts i.e. Sewing machines, chickens, etc help transform lives around the world.

Gift A Fruit Tree

This tree-planting project will establish a healthy tree canopy and make a measurable impact for local communities who will benefit from access to nutritious fruit and income if they sell the fruit. The pollutants captured by each tree will also improve health, providing oxygen and fresh air for the communities they surround. Thank you so much for your support of healthy forests and communities

Fruit Tree

Gift 4 Chickens

Chickens gift donation helps provide a family in need with a starter 4 chickens, along with the training that will empower them to turn your donation into a lifetime of opportunity.

Charitable Gifts
Empowering Widows

Gift a Sewing Machine

Gift a sewing machine to someone who have been struggling because of poverty. A sewing machine may be a simple gift but it is life changing for many women and their families.

This small gift is making a big impact in not only their life but given hope others as well. Even a small donation has a potential to empower the whole family to earn sustainable income.

Gift A Rickshaw

Support an unemployed young man to start work as a rickshaw driver.

He will be able to support his whole family.


Donate Goat / Sheep

Support a poor family by donating a goat for the sustainable food security.

Shelter Home

Help a poor and homeless family by donating a home for shelter.


Enabling Livelihoods

‘Enabling Livelihoods’ is a Small Grants Assistance program that enables poverty struck families to improve their monthly household income by providing the breadwinner of the household with business support in terms of goods, services and/or advisory. The grants start at around GBP 150 and go up to GBP 500, fluctuating on the basis of trade. Programs would focus on enabling women micro entrepreneurs, but will work with various marginalized groups.