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In the arid region of Pakistan’s Sindh province, life was a daily struggle. The land was parched and dry, devoid of water, except for a few contaminated sources. Naima, a seven-year-old girl, knew this all too well.


by FRDP Pakistan

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Therparkar Sindh, Pakistan

FRDP Pakistan

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Campaign Story

Every day, Naima’s mother embarked on a grueling journey, walking five kilometers under the scorching sun to fetch water from the nearest available source, which was as dirty as it was scarce. This left Naima alone at home for hours, with her innocence overshadowed by the harsh reality of her surroundings.

One fateful day, Naima’s life took a dark turn. She fell sick, the culprit being the unhygienic water she had consumed. It was a stark reminder of the harsh conditions they lived in, where clean water was a luxury beyond reach for many.

Life had become an unending struggle, but Naima held onto a glimmer of hope. She wished for a world where her mother wouldn’t have to travel such long distances for water, and where she wouldn’t have to endure the pain of drinking contaminated water.

Naima, like many others in her community, needed your help. The Fast Rural Development Program (FRDP) was dedicated to making her dream come true by collecting funds to dig a deep water well, ensuring clean water was available right near her home.

In the heart of Sindh, Naima’s story was a plea for help, a call to action. It was a reminder that with your support, we could make a difference. Together, we could bring the gift of clean water to Naima and countless others like her, easing their daily struggle and offering them a chance at a healthier and brighter future.

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