Ramadan Food Distribution in Sindh Pakistan

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Ramadan Food Distribution in Sindh Pakistan

Ramadan Food Distribution in Sindh Pakistan

A recent survey by the World Food Program suggests that 36.9 percent of Pakistan’s total population suffers from food insecurity. Nearly 82% of children in the country have been deprived of a meal when they need it, and Pakistan has the second highest rate of malnutrition in the region. About 18% of children under the age of five suffer from acute malnutrition and 40% of children of the same age group suffer from stunted growth.

Tharparkar is the most deprived area in Sindh Pakistan because it depends on rains and since last many years there are not enough rains so people facing food challenges, As Ramadan is reaching people don’t have enough food for the fasting, Fast Rural Development Program reached to our donors and requested for the special Ramadan Food Packs for those families who have been suffering, Finally one of our Donor agreed to donate 400 food packs for the Ramadan, our teams in the field and they distributed the food packs among the poor families in Tharparkar Sindh Pakistan.

If you want to donate you can reach us by email: info@frdp.org.pk , or Donate today through our website.

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