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Systems and Policies

FRDP has developed its Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) in order to lead the organization with systematic ways wherein all policies have been well thought, processed and formatted in different categories that ensure the working strength and compatibility of FRDP.

FRDP has developed its Human Resource Policy, Financial Policy, Gender Policy and all other required policies in its SOPs for the best possible guidance of the team to carry out internal chores with key driven result having international standards. FRDP keeps no compromise of its working quality therefore the SOP map is a complete dossier to be followed by working members in all manners to make sure being transparent and accountable.

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Financial Policy Of FRDP

FRDP Complaints And Response Policy

FRDP Conflict Of Interest Policy

FRDP External Audit Policy

FRDP M&E; Manual

Gender Policy

Internal Audit Policy FRDP

Procurement Policy Manual FRDP Sindh

FRDP HR Policy