Wheelchair donation by Ms. Yasmin Alomari to Mr. Shehbaz Solangi

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Wheelchair donation by Ms. Yasmin Alomari to Mr. Shehbaz Solangi

Wheelchair donation by Ms. Yasmin Alomari to Mr. Shehbaz Solangi

Shehbaz Solangi, 31 years old, belongs to Village Mitho Solangi, Kandiaro, District Nosheroferoz. On the way to office our collgue of FRDP saw this heavy weight guy hardly dragging a broken wheelchair on road with his hands, upon asking he shared that he sits in a Mazaar and have no money to buy a new wheelchair FRDP’s. FRDP personnel exchanged the contact details with him. FRDP team called and verified his details. He shared his story as follows;

“My name is Shehbaz Solangi, my family belongs to village Mitho Solangi, Kandiaro we are 5 brothers and 3 sisters living with mother, our father has been passed away years ago. At the age of 5y I got high temperature that eventually causes damage to my feet badly we tried many doctors but unfortunately no cure could prevent me from and I lost my both legs. As a very poor family my all siblings and mother works on daily wage but they all are not earning enough to feed me as well. As I was unable to do any labour work due to the pedals issues so I decided to shifted from my village to Hyderabad. Currently I live in a Petrol pump premises as I don’t have enough money to rent out a house, people provides me some money and eatables that is helping me to survive hand to mouth hardly.

My wheelchair has been broken months ago but I have to drag it with my hands as I don’t have any other option left. It peeled my palm skin but I have no money or resources to buy a new or even used wheelchair for myself. An angel from FRDP saw me on road, he stopped his car and inquired me why I am having trouble with wheelchair as I was dragging the tires with my hands, he asked me about the background and gave me hope of help, and within days I got call from FRDP that they have arranged a new wheelchair for me, I am thankful to FRDP that actually helped me in a way that I couldn’t expect. Thanks for helping me I hope FRDP will keep helping people in need and make a difference in community.”

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