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At Fast Rural Development Program (FRDP), we value the feedback and concerns of all of our stakeholders. That’s why we have a dedicated Complaints and Feedback system in place to ensure that any issues are promptly addressed and resolved. Whether you are a community member, a partner organization, or a member of our staff, you can use this system to report any problems or suggest improvements. Our team will investigate and respond to all submissions in a timely manner, and work to find solutions that best serve the needs of our community. Your input is crucial to helping us provide the best possible service, and we appreciate your willingness to share it with us.



On the basis of CHS commitment 5 FRDP do welcome and address the complaints. FRDP defines the complaint as “A complaint is a formal way of voicing concern against violation of rights.” Community inputs which are mandatory to respond, according to the nature and urgency of taking the action these are divided into the following categories. It is a right of project beneficiaries, targeted communities and other specified stakeholders to question and receive a response from FRDP about any real or perceived violation of their rights.

Feedback and Feedforward:

A Feedback is a positive and informal statement of opinion about someone and something. Community input that are not due to grievance these are rather suggestions, comments or viewpoints. Feedback can be considered, discussed, challenged, used or disregarded, it is not mandatory to response to feedback.

How to make a complaint:

FRDP is very flexible and open to hearing through different channels per the community’s preferences, needs, and suggestions. FRDP does showcase all the details of given methods through banners and stickers displayed in every intervention in multiple places that are easily accessible and common places of the village, most obvious of these methods include:

  1. In-person: Complaint directly to our field staff, who will redress or forward the complaint.
  2. Via phone: Message or Call us at +92 336 0244673
  3. Email us:
  4. To file your complaints online.
  5. To give Feedback or Feedforwards.

Handling your complaint:

Fast Rural Development Program-FRDP handles all complaints confidentially, and impartially and invokes a non-retaliation policy for complainants. When we receive your complaint, it will be recorded, reviewed, and forwarded to the concerned person. You will get the acknowledgment receipt of the complaint within 72 hours. Your complaint will be further investigated and a solution will be furnished within the deadline.

We aim to respond as quickly as possible and the time frame varies depending on the nature of the complaint. Remember to provide your contact information so that we can respond to you. Although anonymous complaints will also be accepted and investigated appropriately, it will not possible to provide a response directly to the complainant when/if contact details are not shared with us


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