Good Governance

Good Governance is a vital aspect of any society, and the role of civil society organizations like FRDP is crucial in promoting and maintaining it. FRDP is an active civil society organization that focuses on the promotion of the social contract and balancing the demand and supply gap of public services. The organization takes government policies as a top priority and works to contribute to their development and implementation.

At the demand level, FRDP raises awareness on various social, economic, political and cultural issues. This includes voter education, creating charters of demand for water rights, and working towards the advancement of women’s rights. Through these efforts, FRDP aims to empower citizens and make their voices heard.


Good Governance

On the supply side, FRDP works closely with the government of Sindh and Pakistan. The organization provides training, policy level suggestions, and inputs for all its interventions. This helps to ensure that government policies are effective and responsive to the needs of citizens.

Overall, the work of FRDP is focused on promoting good governance and ensuring that public services are accessible and equitable for all. Through its efforts, the organization aims to bridge the gap between citizens and their government, and create a more just and inclusive society.



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