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Elman Bheel

Clean water secures community in Dharmo Bheel Village

Elman Bheel wife of Dadlo Bheel, residing in village Dharmon Bheel, feels hopeful after receiving hand pump by Fast Rural Development Program (FRDP).

The Bheel village comprising 150 households has received thee hand pumps. The community people being close relatives, belonging to the same tribe, share the water facility equally without any difference.

The Bheel village is located near famous Chotiaryon, a small business center in Sanghar district.

Previously, these women had to travel long distance to fetch water for domestic needs. But after receiving water facility they feel easy to have become safe.

She links water shortage to poverty, saying that “if somebody have access to potable water they are lucky ones at this time when water has become precious commodity.”

“We live comfortable to have water near our doorsteps,” she happily said.

Elman’s husband Dadlo works at cattle farm near there to take care of livestock and is being paid Rs6000 as monthly salary.

Elman Bheel

Traditionally, he was farmer, cultivating different crops and used to receive crop’s share after harvest. Elman also used to help her husband in agriculture field and knows the crops cultivation, taking care of it and harvest.

Now due to increasing water logging the farmers are unable to cultivate lands. These emerging challenges like degradation of lands and shrinking environment around have put the community alert to work hard for their survival.

In this situation, Dadlo has found an alternative source of income to ease his family.

Despite receiving meager income they have become used to run domestic affairs.

Getting water facility near their homes the community women feel safe and do not feel need to go for fetching water from neighbouring areas.

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