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Chhahi Chhapro village gets solar-powered well, lantern

Chhahi Chhapro village gets solar-powered well, lantern

Fast Rural Development Program (FRDP) has installed a solar-powered deep well in Manghani Muhalla, a part of the largest desert village Chhahi Chhapro, Deeplo Taluka, Tharparkar district.

Chhahi Chhapro comprises around 1000 households, divided into eight muhallas, including Manghani, which has 80 households. Dwellers are mostly herders, farmers and an independent workforce.

The villagers looked excited after receiving solar-powered deep wells as well as solar lanterns to live safely.

The village has old wells, which have changed water quality by the time due to the changing weather and lacking rainfall.

Malook Bheel, a farmer in the village said since they did not have any alternative for water they were compelled to use water from these old wells. But now this newly installed water facility may benefit all the people in the village.

The people belong to the same Bheel tribe. They live together peacefully through generations and will use the water equally and sustainably, he said. All the people can fetch water for their domestic use as well as feeding their animals there.

Narain Bheel, another farmer in the same neighbourhood, accredited the FRDP team for identifying this remote village for provision of water and solar lanterns. The residents have old demands for water and electricity, which they have got, he said with heaving a sigh of relief.

Chhahi Chhapro village gets solar-powered well, lantern
Chhahi Chhapro village gets solar-powered well, lantern

Prior to this not any other organization came to extend helping hands, he said.

Livestock is the major source of income for the desert communities. The people have an old tradition, set by their forefathers to keep small and big animals, rearing there for having milk and yogurt. They take it as a responsibility to keep the tradition alive and feed children for maintaining their nutrition needs.

Elderly people said rains always recharge underground water level, which helps wells. This year the desert area has not received sufficient rainfall, thus the crops and grasses are also drying. People are waiting to receive more showers to save their crops and see recharging underground water levels.

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