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CASE STUDY – On drinking water facility in Village Musa Lund, Tharparkar

CASE STUDY – On drinking water facility in Village Musa Lund, Tharparkar

Water is basic element of life. If water is not accessible to the people then life will be distressful and all the available resources will be utilize only to get water to live.

Village Musa Lund, having population of more than 1,130 people, was facing this unfortunate situation for years, lacking basic facilities of health, education and drinking water. This village is located in District Tharparkar where after every two years the drought situation occurs due to lack of insufficient and sporadic rains. Livestock is the main source of livelihood for the most of the families but the management of livestock was lacking productivity due to shortage of water. The difficulties increased of people when underground water level went down during the summer season. Hand pump was only source of water located at the distance of three kilometers and women have to travel along with children to fetch water every day. But, it gets more difficult during hot weather as it was causing illness to woman and children on every alternate day. Some women have their own donkey carts to carry buckets but many of them carry water filled buckets on their heads while coming back to home. Women were normally spending more than 5 hours to fill two or three buckets of water (means 50 – 80 liters) from the hand pump. Children are not attending the school because they also help mothers and sisters to bring water. Sometimes women were wearing slippers made of used tyres and tubes and if these get tore than women had to walk barefooted.

This situation made FRDP team miserable but motivated too to support these people. The Partner of FRDP ‘Paani’ decided to provide better facility in village to get drinking water through hand pump with complete solar technology. Before installation of hand pump, FRDP team conducted series of social mobilization meetings and formed Village Development Committee (VDC). The capacity of VDC improved to ensure smooth functioning of solar system.

Mohammad Ibrahim Lund the chairman of VDC, aged about 40, also looked so happy and said; “FRDP did a great work for our people because since we settled here we were deprived of the blessed facility of drinking water. Our women and children were oppressed and praying to get relief.”

Now villagers have easy access to drinking water in the village. Especially women are happy because water is available at their door step.  Now they have enough time for other home based income generation activities and their children are attending school regularly. Due to easy access and enough water for drinking, health conditions have been improved both women and children.

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