Transform Lives Share Your Qurbani

فَفَلَمَّا بَلَغَ مَعَهُ السَّعْیَ قَالَ یٰبُنَیَّ اِنِّیْۤ اَرٰى فِی الْمَنَامِ اَنِّیْۤ اَذْبَحُكَ فَانْظُرْ مَا ذَا تَرٰىؕ-قَالَ یٰۤاَبَتِ افْعَلْ مَا تُؤْمَرُ٘-سَتَجِدُنِیْۤ اِنْ شَآءَ اللّٰهُ مِنَ الصّٰبِرِیْنَ

پھر جب وہ اس کے ساتھ کام کے قابل ہوگیا کہا اے میرے بیٹے میں نے خواب دیکھا کہ میں تجھے ذبح کرتا ہوں اب تو دیکھ تیری کیا رائے ہے کہا اے میرے باپ کیجئے جس بات کا آپ کو حکم ہوتا ہے خدا نے چاہا تو قریب ہے کہ آپ مجھے صابر پائیں گے

Surah As Saffat Ayat 102

Experience the Rich Tradition and Impact of Qurbani

Qurbani holds great significance, combining cherished traditions with real-world impact. As we contemplate the profound sacrifice made by the esteemed Prophet Ibrahim (AS) for His Lord, we delve into the essence of true submission.

By making Qurbani donations, you can share the joy of Eid ul-Adha Qurbani with those in need across the globe. Embrace the legacy of Qurbani and respond to our heartfelt appeal by donating online. Together, we can ensure that your contribution enables families to embrace a dignified and joyful Eid, free from the burdens of hunger.

Make a Difference in the Lives of the Needy through Online Donations

Join FRDP in online Qurbani this year, and together, we can provide essential sustenance and alleviate poverty in war-torn and impoverished regions. As an act of worship, participate in Qurbani 2023 by donating online with FRDP, and positively transform the lives of those living in poverty.

The harsh realities of war, oppression, poverty, disease, and natural disasters have left countless people struggling to secure their next meal, with meat being an unattainable luxury. Embrace the true meaning of Qurbani in Islam and make a difference. Your Qurbani can nourish those most in need, providing them with the sustenance necessary for survival.

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Transform Lives Share Your Qurbani

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