Women take a sigh of relief after receiving hand pumps

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Women take a sigh of relief after receiving hand pumps

Women take a sigh of relief after receiving hand pumps

Fast Rural Development Programme (FRDP-Pakistan) has extended help to 340 families in nine villages of Jacobabad district through installing 229 small hand pumps in Tehsil Thul with the financial support of FRDP International, aiming to benefit the disadvantaged communities.

Mostly individual people have gifted these water hand pumps, dedicating to their loved ones to benefit the disadvantage people in the area.

Now these beneficiary women seem happy after receiving safe drinking water near their abodes through hand pumps. The FRDP team had adapted participatory approach and put the community people onboard at all levels. The beneficiaries mostly being close relatives can share the facilities agreeably and get water for their use without any problem.

Prior to installing hand pumps TDS test of each hand pump was conducted to avoid any problem. After the installation of hand pumps, these families, both male and females have realized the importance of safe drinking water and trying to use it sustainably.

Majority of women used to travel long distance to fetch water from watercourses for domestic use. Now, these women heave a sigh of relief as they have become safe to have water near there.

FRDP team has motivated women-led households to develop kitchen gardens and cultivate chemical-free vegetables at their homes to have safe food. During this practice, it is observed that a small number of women have initiated village entrepreneurship through selling their vegetables.

They not only consume safe and chemical free food but also save income, which they used to spend to buy the similar products from local market.

The women narrating the plight said lack of clean drinking water always impacted badly on the health of minor children and they have to pay more share of earning to cure the ailments. Some of these diseases have long term effects on human lives.

In the wide area of the district, underground water is not useable and compelling people to purchase precious commodity through donkey carts to quench thirst.

Though newly installed hand pumps look precious gifts for the people, again it depends on them how to manage it sustainably. Because the reports show that by depleting natural underground water reserves through climate change may leave the rural people vulnerable to face any untoward situation.

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