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Hierarchy / Organogram

The constitution of FRDP has given the supreme authority of the organization to the general body (GB) that approves major policy amendments. The General Body is headed by the Chairman. While day to day running of the organization is overseen by the Executive Director with the assistance of programmatic or thematic heads i.e. Manager Admin & Finance, Programs Head, M&E; Manager, Manager HR etc. The departmental heads meet regularly (normally monthly) to discuss current issues, policies and opportunities and make recommendations to the GB for approval. The ED implements the decisions of the GB and develops plans for running the program activities.

There is a further layer of management, predominately comprising the District Offices; Each District Office is led by a District Manager under the supervision of Executive Director. FRDP’s organizational structure has been updated to reflect both its new strategy and also to assist with the development of good management and leadership practices. The new structure has been designed to accommodate the growth that is planned during the next five years.