Water, sanitation and hygiene – WASH

Water, sanitation, and hygiene is the flagship programme of FRDP, which accounts for 50 per cent of all the projects and programmes it has done so far. Since 2007, FRDP has been providing the basic water facilities at household and community level. We have facilitated our target groups through Reverse osmosis (RO), dug wells, hand pumps, and solar panels. 

In stimulating the national agenda of the government of Pakistan, FRDP has led the PATS (Pakistan approach for total sanitation) and SLTS (school-led total sanitation) approaches to eradicate the open defecation. A few novel initiatives include the celebrations of handwashing days, health and hygiene training to the communities in every project, sanitation marks, construction of diverse infrastructure and participation in the policy dialogue at provincial, national and global platforms and networks. In continuation of our mission of upholding the quality and transparency, FRDP is also a member of Sphere standards which guides WASH interventions.